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HR Soda comprises of business professionals with significant expertise in all areas of HR.  We have worked across private and public sector industries, of all sizes, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge of how organisations function, what they need to thrive and the impact of expert, driven HR solutions.  

Our success lies in our approach.  We really listen to what your organisation needs to grow, the challenges you face and the landscape ahead.  We provide expert support at the time you need it and in a way that is right for your organisation.  


solutions for success

We offer a wide range of HR consulting services, with the necessary tools and expertise to help grow your business. 


Fast-growing companies need help to develop managers and retain top performers. Whether you’re part of a company that has never had an HR function or represent an HR department of an established company, you can rely on our support when you need it most. We provide ‘best fit’ solutions for your needs without any hidden fees or retainers.


We are currently based in England, within easy access of Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield, and partner with companies of all sizes locally and globally.


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